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Aug 13 / Erica

MMM {spy it buy it} Blanket cape

Cara Delevingne in her personalised Burberry cape

Cara Delevingne in her personalised Burberry cape

Modelled by a stellar line up including Cara, Jessica Stam, Malaika Firth and Jourdan Dunn, the monogrammed  blanket cape was one of the serious style stand-outs at the finale of the AW14 Burberry Prorsum show.

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Aug 11 / Erica

MMM {crushing on} Sun-San Sandals

Sun-San Salt-Water Sandals

Sun-San Salt-Water Sandals

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you can’t have failed to notice that there is a new sandal trend in town. Visit any park at any moment and I guarantee you will spot kids wearing cute, brightly coloured styles while mum goes matchy-matchy in metallics or neutral brown.

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Aug 1 / Erica

MMM {weekend} H&M + & Other Stories + Topshop

We’re off to a family wedding this weekend, so I’m praying this amazing sunshine lasts. Wish us luck!

Here are some more things I’m wishing, hoping and praying for this weekend. read more…

Jul 28 / Erica

MMM {mini} Crafts to keep them busy

Making dens in the garden on a sunny day Image:

Making dens in the garden on a sunny day

It’s the summer holidays which means heading off somewhere lovely – but which can also mean long days trying to keep the small ones entertained.

I am a big believer in not planning things to do for every minute of the day, every day of the week. And anyway, you can end up spending a small fortune (and eat rubbish food) on ‘exciting’ days out that leave everyone frazzled.

So sue me, but I think it’s OK for them to SOMETIMES be a bit bored. I read it somewhere and I totally agree with the sentiment. I can remember growing up having long, boring afternoons with nothing to do, but I used my imagination and went and did something, or created, or coloured. read more…

Jul 25 / Erica

MMM {weekend} Topshop + Accessorize + Marni

I am SWEATING. It has been hot this week and so NOT the right time to wear a black dress on appointments in the West End. Anyway, this weekend my lovely in-laws have got the kids, so we are planning a date night and a couple of lies-in. Although you know I will be wide awake at 6am as per.


What? You mean the kids will be at their grandparents for TWO WHOLE DAYS?!

What? You mean the kids will be at their grandparents for TWO WHOLE DAYS?!

Wearing: Topshop skirt (now sold out, but check out this one – in the sale!), Cos tee (try this), Marni wedges (old season, but love these), bag sold out, but try this Accessorize clutch, necklace, Z For Accessorize  read more…

Jul 23 / Erica

MMM {beautiful} Rocking a pink lip, plus the new hair-do to do

Beautiful bougainvillaea leaves found by Justina Blakeney Image:

Beautiful bougainvillaea leaves found by Justina Blakeney

Bold lips somehow make you feel totally pulled together, even if you’re just wearing harem pants and a tee shirt. Which is pretty much me at the weekend. read more…

Jul 21 / Erica

MMM {eats} Store cupboard cooking

I am queen of the chuck-it-in tea. While my husband loves planning and preparing dinners (that use every pan), I am much happier concocting something quick, easy and with ingredients to hand.

This is a simple and super tasty mid-week meal that will see even the fussiest of eaters enjoy. My mum made it once and I have blatantly stolen it, made it mine and adapted it to whatever we have in the fridge. It actually gets ‘yummy’ noises from my pair and has become a bit of a regular tea.

Substitute as your tastes require – a mixture of sweet and normal white potato works really nicely as a topping combo too. read more…

Jul 18 / Erica

MMM {weekend} Zara + Primark

Oh hi. It’s Friday, have you heard? Apparently TODAY it is going to be the hottest day of the year.

So slip into something that’s NOT made of man-made fibre, whack a few more ice cube trays in the fridge and let’s DO this thing.

The weekend is upon us people.


Doing the Tee Bag Breton combo, with Zara khakis

Doing the Tee Bag Breton combo, with Zara khakis

Love khaki trousers. These are by Zara, along with a Primark tee (£3!), River Island sliders (they seem to have sold out :-( but try these) and my Accessorize bag (no longer available, but love this). read more…

Jul 16 / Erica

MMM {home} Collections Of Things

My living room rose gold mirrors

My living room rose gold mirrors

These mirrors hang in my living room. Before that, they hung together in my flat and before that, three of them belonged to my friend Debbie – who sold them to me when she moved back to Australia. I found two others in a charity shop and now they all live happily ever after. read more…

Jul 15 / Erica

MMM {ways to wear} The LBJ: Little Black Jumpsuit

I’ve had a recent revelation and it is this: You CAN wear a jumpsuit if you are not, like me, some skinny slip of a thing.

After trying this one from Monsoon recently, I was converted. And then I spotted this one from Zara.

Cropped in length so it feels more modern, it has wider legs and a tie-wrap front that shows off a small waist. Basically, it’s a pear-shape’s jumpsuit BFF.

Wearing my Zara jumpsuit

Wearing my Zara jumpsuit


Jul 14 / Erica

MMM {edited} The TK Maxx Holiday Wardrobe (plus, WIN!)

My TK Maxx Holiday Wardrobe Challenge

My TK Maxx Holiday Wardrobe Challenge

Regular readers may be aware of my great love affair with TK Maxx. More specifically, the store in Croydon’s Purley Way.

This ugly old building on one of South London’s busiest thoroughfares has seen me through the good times and the bad, helped me with three house moves, countless bed linen sets and seen me bag more bargain designer pieces than I could shake a clearance rail at.

It also got me through those long, LOOOONG, rainy days of maternity leave when one more Monkey Music class would have sent me over the edge. Either way, those study hours have paid off, because the kids both LOVE a rummage in the vast, hangar-like space that is ‘Tea May Max.’ Oh and a kids lunch box in the cafe. read more…

Jul 11 / Erica

MMM {weekend} Topshop and MIH jeans

It’s the weekend – thank the Lord.

It’s been a manic week of work, Christmas in July press days, managing home/work logistics and – perhaps most excitingly – taking Charlie to meet his – eeek – new big school September class mates (and randomly bumping into an old Uni friend, whose son will be in the same class!!)

Anyway, I am SO ready for the  next couple of days off.

How’s your weekend shaping up?

This will be me:




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